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Off to Spain

After three years of cancellations my husband and I finally took a much anticipated trip to Spain, my home away from home. I lived in Madrid for two years , studying and working, and go whenever I get the opportunity. Our focus on this trip was to meet up with old friends, find art wherever we could, and to enjoy the Mediterranean sunlight and food. I was craving artistic inspiration and I found it. What a glorious trip. Over four weeks we made a few stops: Madrid, the island of Mallorca, Barcelona, Málaga, and Gaucín, in Andalucía.

In Madrid, beyond the fabulous Prado and other big-name museums, we encountered many public exhibitions. Spain supports the arts and readily offers free entrance to art exhibitions all over the city. Here are photos from two major shows we encountered while simply walking around the Retiro Park.

The first three are by painter Manuel Quejido. "Distancia sin medida" (Immeasurable Distance), was sponsored by the Reina Sofia Museum.

The second show (see last two pics) was a

show going on in the historic Palacio de Cristal called "Glass Is My Skin", but artists Pauline Boudry and Renate Lorenz.


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