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The Year of the Rabbit

Updated: Feb 26, 2023

2023 is the year of the rabbit, reminding me of Boss Bunny, a small painting that I did a few years ago, and making me think about the concept of work.

The energized rabbit is like Jerry Saltz, the art critic who always says, "Get to work, you big baby!".

Over the years a deep need to create has energized my work and kept me moving me forward. Life, however, is filled with bumps and unexpected turns. Last November I got Covid, and now (oh the insult!) I have a shoulder injury in my dominant arm. I cannot paint without pain. My doctor has prescribed special exercises 3x/day to regain flexibility and movement.

Time away from art making has forced me to ask myself what can I do if I can't paint? My side-stepping "answer" is to create a left-handed painting series. It's a short-term plan. It won't be pretty. I don't know if I will share this work but I am excited about the prospect and for now this is enough.

If you don't see me on social media for a while know that I am in the desert in Studio South, Boss Bunny urging me on, making crazy left-handed work, and healing my shoulder. Most importantly, I will be searching for new ways to create.

The new mantra: Be like the bunny. Keep moving. This shall pass.


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