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Time: The Fourth Dimension

Updated: Oct 6, 2022

A painting is generally described in height x width x depth, but there is a fourth dimension that fascinates me: time. Time is not easily measured when viewing a painting, but it can be perceived. Layers of colors and marks document time spent at the easel. Shapes and color build to the point of reverberation, moving from the arm, to the brush, to the canvas and to the eyes of the viewer.

A body of work as a whole can measure time (2022, or the lifetime of an artist), much like keeping a journal. Yet, funny enough, when I am in my studio I am unaware of the passing of time.

Lost in the moment.

So how do I shake myself loose and get back to real time? My stomach growls, or my dog does his special dance, reminding me that it is truly and obviously dinner time.



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