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So Many Flowers

As of late I have found myself asking, why do so many of my paintings evolve into flowers? How is it that an abstract painting can start out with spontaneous splashes of color, line, and shape, and evolve into... Flowers?

I consider this question with interest. Dog walks are a good time to think, as is studio time, and over the last few weeks I have come to see that flowers represent strength and resiliency. These delicate beauties face harsh conditions year after year, for the entirety of their existence. Snow, ice, trampling feet, drought, and insects attack. They thrive in less than ideal conditions, blooming in the cracks in the sidewalk, along the side of the highway, and in abandoned lots. Flowers bloom in glorious color, spread seed, and live. They survive.

This symbol of strength and resiliency guides me on dark days. I believe that it is not just the cheery colors that inspire, but the flower's ability to keep on going no matter what, and always lift us up with their colorful and cheer.

So as I contemplate my next series, instead of wondering if I have I painted too many flowers, I will simply try to capture their essence and continue to enjoy the process.



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